Evil Weevil

Evil Weevil

Another greenhouse day today, wet and windy but at least not the snow terrorising much of the country who I don’t envy one iota.  A time to put things in order and investigate pots that are looking suspicious.  I know it is still early for some to show willing, but these plants have enjoyed the benefit of a few degrees of extra heat under cover, so most should be looking ready for action, the odd bud swelling or just a general demeanour of aliveness.  You get an inkling that something is up, let’s just put it that way.  So when I knocked out this echinacea I wasn’t surprised, just a little disappointed, to find this small but deadly grub and his mate (yet to be discovered in this photo).  This blurry white blob is the larva of the vine weevil Otiorhynchus sulcatus  but for the duration of this blog we will call him Evil Weevil.  The adults which are all females (don’t ask) take distinctive notches out of foliage and feed at night so are rarely seen.  Their impact is purely aesthetic, well apart from depositing a truck load of eggs, time bombs that hatch into EW and a hundred siblings.  These little blighters will quite happily demolish the root system of most plants, although they do have their favorites including heuchera, strawberries and primulas.  They are often the cause of the sudden demise of a containerised plant, keeling over for no apparent reason, the evil ones furtively destroying from the deep.  This demon is now safely in the belly of a robin, along with his brother.  I am avenged.



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