Who Broke Superbaz?

Boy Wonder

Whilst I was cavorting around Rosemoor yesterday, someone broke Superbaz.  For the unforeseeable future Superbaz will be known as Baz.  This has come as a bit of blow for several reasons; firstly, we are naturally very sad that he has hurt his back (the wimp); secondly, we depend on his super powers on a regular basis; lastly, it is rather disconcerting as he is part way through fixing the wall.  Yes, the same wall that fell down before Christmas; you must remember we are in NDT and things happen when they happen and cannot be rushed.  Unfortunately the small filling has become major root canal work.  The reason for the collapse became apparent when a rather large lump of metal spiked concrete was found amidst the soil.  This monster had come adrift from the path edge behind and had been adding its considerable weight to the already gravity stressed wall, the result of which pushed the stones out into the road.  This means lots more digging out and foundation work and reinforcement and all that malarkey.  Nothing is ever easy.  It’s that bloomin’ gravity again, gets us every time.

It is not all bad news.  No superhero worth his salt is without a faithful sidekick and Superbaz, sorry Baz, is no exception.  May I introduce Boy Wonder resplendent after having wrestled the enormous lump of concrete into submission.  Get better soon Baz!



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4 responses to “Who Broke Superbaz?

  1. I think I’d better send Baz some virtual flowers.

  2. We al needa SuperBaz in our gardens! Get well soon.

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