I’m Still Standing


Well look who turned up today, out of the blue and after a long absence, it was none other than Holiday Cat (Holly).  I think she may have been in rehab as it appears she has undergone some kind of personality rearrangement; perhaps a feline anger management course or some kitty counselling.  The aloof warrior princess we had come to love has disappeared, replaced by an affectionate, and even a little clingy, moggy with a gammy eye.  Maybe she just was feeling sorry for herself and needed a bit of a cuddle and knew the mug who would deliver on command.  Lets put it this way, it wasn’t Hero.

This morning myself and Bossman spotted a swallow flying over the lawn, the first I have seen this year.  I reminded him that this was not a sign of summer.

Hero has got her Wobbly Head Syndrome again and had to go and be manipulated by an all in wrestler at North Devon District Hospital.  We are falling like skittles.



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4 responses to “I’m Still Standing

  1. mum

    It would have been nice to see Hollys face instead of the back of her head. Is she camera shy?

  2. Holly reminds me of our old Rudy, who arrived in my Christmas stocking many years ago. Independent yet a charming little creature.

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