Sid or Nancy


We have left the newly constructed hot bed for a few weeks to do hot beds are supposed to do, which for the uninitiated is to get hot.  I thought it would be fun to put the thermometer into the mix and discover what sweltering heights had been achieved so far.  To my surprise, lifting up the newspaper that was covering the bed of manure and straw, I found that someone had taken up residence, taking full advantage of the under floor heating.   After a few minutes of eye to eye contact after which Hero had a good gander, this slow worm slithered gracefully below to his des res seemingly unperturbed at the attention or perhaps too content to be bothered to move away too quickly from the gawping gardeners.  I’m sure it wont mind sharing the bed with a the pineapples (virtual at present) and a couple of melons. As we are not sure how to sex a slow worm and it would be indelicate to ask, it could be Sid or it could be Nancy.  Either way, watch out slugs yours days are numbered.

As a post script to my recent blog, my sincere apologies to the three optimistic souls who were under the impression that the Lee Village WI Gardener’s Question time was going to be broadcast on Radio 4.  I hope the lemon drizzle cake made up for any short comings in the Bunny Guinness department.



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7 responses to “Sid or Nancy

  1. The lemon drizzle cake sounds delicious! Good luck on the Hawaiian fruit in your hot bed.

  2. I had never heard of slow worms and had to look them up. I found out that they are actually a kind of lizard and are protected in the British Isles. Fascinating.

  3. He / she’s a beauty! PS Any cake left – a bit fed up of curry now 😉

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