Ribes sanguineum – Flowering Currant


This Ribes sanguineum is a cutting taken from a plant found in an overgrown garden of an abandoned property on the edges of Exeter University grounds.  We had taken a trip to the University to help replant the collection of heuchera that they had kindly taken off our hands (phew!) and promised to love and tend til death do they part.  After the relocation one of the gardeners was kindly giving us a guided tour, combined with taking the odd cutting and large lumps of herbaceous material.  We came away with quite a haul including Kniphofia rooperii, many hellebore seedlings, Embothrium coccineum, Buddleja salvifolia and this flowering currant.  Amongst the neglected garden of this outlining property, unusually wild in this splendid and well tended botanical gem, I glimpsed two currants in full bloom, one pale flowered the other a much richer hue, these we imaginatively named “Exterior” and “Interior”.  Tomorrow I am returning the grounds of the university, almost five years to the day and I wonder if these parent plants will be flowering still.  This specimen I believe is Exterior.  Must think of a new name.


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  1. I am not familiar with most of these these plants, but I can imagine how exciting it must have been to find this lovely flowering currant.

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