Cunning Plan No. 523


It was all too apparent last week that Mega Bambi and his mates were taking full advantage of Cafe de Cliffe: a new cunning plan was desperately needed.  I stretched fleece across pathways and from overhanging trees in areas that I know they wander, hoping they would be spooked by the flapping sheets. I also resprayed all and sundry with Grazers.  Today I tentatively checked for the first time since last Friday and all seemed well, no obvious fresh damage.  I am reluctant to say this is a permanent solution, probably just respite for a few days, but my spirits rose all the same.  Of course it does make wheelbarrowing even more tricky than before, but we were getting rather good at extreme manoeuvres and needed a new challenge.  That’s what I tell Hero anyway.



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4 responses to “Cunning Plan No. 523

  1. Since our move, I have tulips with flowers, not just stalks, for the first time in years. I don’t mean to gloat, but it’s been a real thrill for me.

  2. Deer are no longer a problem for me, however, about 5 wild turkeys tried to takeup residence on my roof, and a small Jack Russell terrier leaves unwanted deposits in forbidden places.

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