The Only Way is Up

Hydrangea petiolaris

This Hydrangea anomola subsp. petiolaris (I know sorry about that, it has no common name that I can find, perhaps HASP would do?) is doing exactly what it would do in the wild, that is climb trees, in this case a rather large Fraxinus excelsior, the European Ash.  This vine-like climber is a native of woodlands in Japan, Korea and parts of Siberia, so no need to worry about hardiness, where it will also grow up rock faces by means of adventitious aerial roots which grab hold of whatever it needs to in order to reach the light.  Does that remind you of anyone?   Swiftly moving on.  To give you an idea of its size, during the winter a dead section of stem fell to the ground this piece was 2m long with a girth a wide as my calf (and I do have rather chunky calves).  Anyway at Cliffe this hydrangea weaves it way though the ash boughs to at least 9m high and it is therefore amazing how many of our visitors miss this wonder, which when in bloom with its lacy white umbels is magnificent.  It can be used in most gardens to hide horrid walls and such other eyesores, or even as a ground cover, and is especially useful in shady areas.  Just remember although it may take a while to get going it will make up for being slow off the blocks by attempting world domination.  I’m afraid it wont stop when you want it to and we wouldn’t want to lose anybody.



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2 responses to “The Only Way is Up

  1. Katy Young

    I have recently bought one of these as well! For goodness sake Gill stop copying me! 😉

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