Last autumn I had a vision.  This vision was inspired by a visit to Elworthy Cottage Plants earlier in the year; to be honest it was more of an out and out copy than a variation on a theme, yes I nicked the idea.  They had an area of lawn that was dotted with Fritillaria meleagris or snake’s head fritilleries, both bog standard purple and the white form, and it looked incredible.  So I bought the bulbs, lifted some squares of turf on the top lawn next to the sundial and planted a small area.  I could just imagine their nodding beauty enhancing the spring lawn as I skipped off to the next scene in my own little Disney film.  Then along came a badger who dug them all up and ate them.  Vision squashed.  Except it turns out it wasn’t “all”; to my delight three rather straggly blooms were modestly flowering today.  Ha ha to you Mr Badger you missed some!



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11 responses to “Survivor

  1. Malvern Maid

    Always a happy ending with Disney films!

  2. Michelle - Germany

    🙂 🙂 I SO love your blog posts! ❤

  3. I had a similar experience. I admired the flourishing fritillaries, both purple and white, on a friend’s lawn. I planted them in my own lawn, but it must not have been a good spot, because I got foliage, but no flowers. Meanwhile, my friend’s fritillaries get better every year. 😦

    Perhaps I’ll have better luck in my new garden.

  4. Tus

    You’d be proud, I pointed out someones snake head fritillery in their garden today, which they didn’t know they had! Froze like a cat caught in headlights when they started asking me full blown gardening questions which consisted of things other than mud, daisies and wall weeding!

  5. Bruggies

    Lucky you escaped.We planted fifty last year and this year how many came up?None.

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