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I’m not going to apologise for including Camellia Cornish Snow again, in fact I consider myself quite restrained, you were close to seeing it on several other occasions.  I am exhibiting blatant favoritism and I don’t care.  So there.



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7 responses to “Repeats

  1. The Cornish Snow was looking very pretty at the Savill Garden too, when we went there at the weekend. I definitely like the single ones best – I used to have a very nice clear pink one in my old house….forget the name now. No need to apologise for pretty pictures!

    • This one is planted next to an enormous, stop you in your tracks, full of flower, “Donation”. For me it is Cornish Snow that wins every time. I think there is one called Cornish Spring which is pink, must look into that.

  2. I recall now, it was ‘St Ewe’. Not quite so dainty as ‘Cornish Spring’,

  3. Michelle - Germany

    Beautiful!! But probably stains in rain…?? Cant have it all I guess!! 😉

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