The Wall – The Final Phase

April25 001 (1024x768)

The Cliffe Wall Saga, destined to become as familiar a tale as Beowulf or the Odyssey, passed down through the generations, has finally come to its conclusion.

You will be pleased to know that Superbaz has been reinstated as a Superhero, this was due to unprecedented watering of gasping seedlings in the greenhouse, when those that should know better had neglected them.  A brave and noble feat, one befitting a superhero.  Today he defied gravity and planted a zigzag of young beech plants on top of the wall, which with a little care and attention will mature into a fine hedge, filling the gaping hole.  Until that time we will be exposed to the curiosity of passers-by and I will have to remember to behave myself.



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9 responses to “The Wall – The Final Phase

  1. Bossman

    Great to see the ‘new’ wall, but I was distressed that you were threatening to behave yourself!

  2. Lovely piece of walling (is that the right word?) – incredibly neat. Hats off to whoever built it.

  3. That is a very fine wall, indeed. When you say beech plants do you mean something that will grow into beech trees? They are quite beautiful, beech trees.

    • Yes the same beech but they can be made into a lovely hedge that retains its brown leaves over winter and drops them in the spring when the new ones emerge. So although not evergreen, serves the same purpose. I also love beech trees, especially the copper beech, one of my favorites.

  4. Bruggies

    How impressive is that.What a beautiful example of craftsmanship .

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