A Safe Bet


Tonight we will have the pleasure of the company of Goodleigh Horticultural Society.  This is their second attempt to visit the garden as rain stopped play last year.  That darned rain stopped a lot of play last year.  I am sure they will be fine folk all, but it is still a little daunting to bare your horticultural soul to strangers en masse. What if they don’t like it, what if they are professional weed spotters, what if latin is their first language.  If all else fails Hero will do her ventriloquism act and I will interpret Enigma Variations on the recorder.  I have spent the day progressively frantic in my weeding, have planned my diversionary tactics where time ran out, my excuses elsewhere.  Hero will be in charge of one group and I will be herding the other.  That is unless only two people turn up and then we may combine. I am hoping it is a safe bet they will love this rhody.  If not we are in big trouble.  Here we go again……



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2 responses to “A Safe Bet

  1. This had me laughing right from the start…”bare your horticultural soul”…”what if latin is their first language”…”Enigma Variations on the recorder”…ha ha…Thank you. 🙂

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