A New Friend


This pretty girl wandered into the garden yesterday as if  she was returning to her beloved home and I was her long-lost friend.   In truth I had never seen her before, in or out of the garden.   Deftly side stepping a close encounter of the Joshie kind, she nipped up the steps to the potting shed.  Of course I didn’t let this overt affection turn my head, I am all too aware of felines wiles.  She wandered in and out of the greenhouse, rubbed herself against my legs, purred like a Maserati, rolled on her back seductively, and the final blow (Pussycat Handbook Chapter 5 How to Wrap Humans Around Your Little Paw) nonchalantly washed her beautiful face.  No I didn’t fall for any of it; I didn’t; honest I didn’t; maybe a little, she is gorgeous though isn’t she?



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8 responses to “A New Friend

  1. We had a cat that walked in one day and stayed for twenty years, so I know what you’re up against. Pussycat Handbook, ha ha.

  2. Very cute – a face full of character. Anything that purrs like a Maserati gets my vote, especially the genuine article!

  3. Bruggies

    have you underestimated the cat pulling power of Scary Eric?

  4. Hope she has entered your life to stay. She’s a beauty.

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