Good News, or is it?

Trocho flower

Wandering past the Trochodendron aralioides last week, I suddenly slammed on the brakes.  Still partially encaged within its bud, tantalisingly close to emerging, was the first flower to grace this wonderful shrub, also known as the Wheel Tree.  I felt that this monumental event warranted, if not killing the fatted calf perhaps an extra Winter Mixture*.  Then I got to thinking, what if it is flowering now because it is stressed, a last-ditch attempt to propagate itself before it pops its clogs.  Now instead of enjoying the moment I am worrying.  I just can’t win with me sometimes. I ate the Winter Mixture anyway, I needed consoling.

* Delicious assortment of boiled sweets in flavours such as clove, menthol and spearmint.  Very good for you (possibly).



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2 responses to “Good News, or is it?

  1. Understand all that except wanting the winter mixture. (Unless it happened to be raining.) Hopefully no stress. Long live the Trochodendron.

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