Fallen Leaves

If yesterday was the arch villain, today was his snivelling sidekick.  Yesterday was wild and wicked; the wind and rain extreme and unrelenting, invigorating and unnerving.  Today was cold, dark and dank; depressing and energy sapping.

My cursory inspection of the garden showed limited damage after the storm; a section of wall had collapsed below the greenhouse, Scary Eric was down but not out and twigs littered the paths.  What I found most distressing was the carpet of horse chestnut leaves covering the composting area, the verdant young foliage violently ripped from its branches.



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2 responses to “Villains

  1. What about all those baby leaf miner moths that will starve to death. Perhaps we should start a fund…

  2. Poor horse chestnuts – they get a tough enough time as it is!

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