Good Weather for …..


Myself and Hero enjoyed an Away Day today.  Yet again we tagged along with the local Plant Heritage group who were visiting two special gardens in the midst of Devon.  So far The Group haven’t tired of us, but there are rumblings that we should join officially and between you and me I am weakening.  OK, so it rained and hailed and was a bit on the nippy side, but we are made of stern stuff.  This sternness was helped by the fact there was a cream tea at the finishing line; surely that would gird anybody’s loins.  Throughout the day I learnt a lot, met up with some knowledgable and generous folk (including The Farmer’s Wife), enjoyed some glorious planting, purchased plants and ate cake.  Does it get any better than that?  Maybe, but not on a wet day in May with Plant Heritage!



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2 responses to “Good Weather for …..

  1. jan barwick

    Blimey, I new you had a wildlife issue at Cliffe, but I didn’t think it was quite as bad as this…

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