Le dahlia est arrivé


There is a day on the Cliffe Mollusc Society’s calendar anticipated with great excitement.  It is dreamt of by snails on cold winter nights jammed in between the stones of the walls, just out of poking distance.  It is keenly awaited by both the garden and field slugs, skulking in piles of leaves concocting plans of action.  The day in question is the one when the dahlias are transplanted from the security of their winter home in the greenhouse out into the wilds of the garden.  These plants have reached the point that if they don’t venture out soon they will become institutionalised; like the forty-year old still living at home with mum and dad.  So coccinea seedlings, Caribbean Sunset, Twyning’s After Eight, Happy Party and merckii have made up the first tranche, out there tonight with nothing but a sprinkling of Organic Slug Pellets between them and their fate.  Let’s hope they are forerunners and not cannon fodder.  I have had some help this year from the thrushes who have been doing a fine job, evidenced by the comforting crunch of empty shells on the steps to the potting shed.



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10 responses to “Le dahlia est arrivé

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Good Luck!! 😉 Mine are in pots now and just peeking through…..we have mega molluscs here of late so I will be more than in the same boat!! Mind you, If you could have seen the snail popalation in Santorini, Out and About after the rain, you would like me believe we have no prblem AT ALL!!! WHOLE walls were covered in them!! Small, but hungry…… whicjh Dahlias do you recommend Gill?? I like the wild lookers, but I think i have ended up instead with a few gharish ones! 😦 🙂

    • Sounds very scary! I love Dahlia merckii and Dahlia coccinea. Are you visiting this year? I have some D. coccinea seedlings that would enjoy a new home, they have their passports!

      • Michelle - Germany

        I was hoping for September, but Damage is very booked already!! 😦 But there is still October……so want to come…..Please kep me a seedling! 🙂 XX

  2. Michelle - Germany

    ERM…….my glasses are greasy…hence the many Typos!! Sorry!! *blush*

  3. I do enjoy your use of language and had a good giggle over the prospect of dahlias becoming institutionalized. Excellent post. I’ve never had any luck with dahlias but we used to have a neighbour who kept us supplied with cut flowers. Big, generous bouquets: quite a treat.

    • Thanks Mrs D! I like the sound of your neighbour, I am loving dahlias more and more and although a struggle at first once they get going, wow!

    • Michelle - Germany

      I do so agree with you Mrs D, Gill’s posts are just wonderful, the girl can write!! 🙂 And she always makes me smile or laugh! 🙂

  4. My tip of the day; boil up a garlic 3 garlic cloves in a litre of water for a few minutes, mash them up, cool and strain into a screw top bottle. Dilute 100ml into a large watering can and sprinkle over the dahlias once a week. Slugs and snails hate the taste and go somewhere else, probably to the Delphiniums!

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