The First Cosmos

May22 001 (1024x769)

A busy day full of potting on, planting out, weeding, with a little bit of looking and thinking thrown in for good measure.  At this time of year there seem to be so many pressing jobs it can be difficult to keep your focus and things can become a little over whelming.  This is not necessarily a bad thing and can actually be quite invigorating, but there is a tipping point where “busy” becomes “frantic”.  This point has not been reached yet but I hovered over it a couple of times today.

Poor Hero has hurt her knee; I think she may have done it weightlifting but don’t quote me on this.  She has a sick note for a fortnight and I shall miss her terribly.  Naturally I checked that it wasn’t a forgery, if it was it was a very professional job.



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2 responses to “The First Cosmos

  1. Blimey, that’s early! Mine are still cowering in the cold frame awaiting their fate in the borders.

    • I sowed early (but within the packet guidelines, obviously!) and have potted them on quite quickly. They needed to go out and so far they are coping with the big bad world. Fingers crossed.

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