I Can’t Believe its White Again!

White Echium

Well whitish anyway.  Two of our self seeded echiums have bloomed white with a hint of blue, Mr Dulux would probably say “Ocean Spray” or “Misty Morning”.  I think we will stick with whitish.

We had an unscheduled visitor to the garden today.  He announced his arrival with a hale and hearty “hello!” and I was immediately impressed by the cut of his gib, as us seafarers say (well I’m not actually a seafarer more of a seaviewer but you get my point).  He was a walker, tackling part of our wonderous south west footpath, and he had visited the garden last year.  Many walkers pass by the garden and in my humble opinion this was a walker of the best breed.  No clicking sticks, no religiously ticking off miles without even raising their heads to appreciate the many gems of the coast path; enjoying the journey, not anticipating the destination.  He was so nice I made him a cup of tea; if I had a packet of hobnobs I may even have shared.  Perhaps; we mustn’t get carried away.



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5 responses to “I Can’t Believe its White Again!

  1. Being a bit of a ‘want-to-be walker’ myself, it’s good to learn the tips on acquiring tea & hobnobs … Lol. Nice post & pic too :o)

  2. tus

    Chocolate hobnobs and I might consider a stroll!

  3. Both of our echiums are coming out pinky purple, having survived the horrid winter in amazingly good form. The bees will be pleased. Lots of seedlings to take up the mantle next year. Enjoy your white ones!

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