Corokia buddleiodies

coprosmaCorokia buddleiodes is, in my humble opinion, one of those “always the bridesmaid never the bride” kind of plants.  This specimen was planted in the Road Bank in attempt to provide a little off-season interest in a border full of late maturing hedychiums, cannas and salvias.  Basically when the good stuff gets going this little shrub gets hidden.  Tough but true.  In its native New Zealand it is often used as a hedging plant as its evergreen foliage has a year round healthy demeanour; glossy long green leaves and an elegant upright stance.  Another plus point is that although not a big fan of a cold wind it will tolerate some shade.  The Maori name for this shrub is korokio taranga which is a marvellously exotic name for a common or garden hedging plant; not quite the same as “beech” or “hornbeam”. Today its vibrant yellow star flowers were shining bright and I felt a smidgen of guilt that in the next few months it will fade gracefully into the background whilst the brash young things come to centre stage.



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3 responses to “Corokia buddleiodies

  1. Divna

    So pretty….has the wind stopped battering you?

  2. Interesting. A new one for me. Thanks for the introduction!

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