Mad Dogs and English Gals

May30 003 (1024x768)On dismal days in December I dream of days like today.  A perfect morning progressed into a perfect afternoon.  The sun shone and the work was done; the mountain that needs to be moved is slightly smaller than yesterday and my new hat was everything a new hat should be.   Some of those niggly little jobs were done, the ones you dread and put off but they torture you anyway.  When they are finished you wonder what all the fuss was about.  Hero was valiant, on light duties but all the same duties that needed to be done – no job creation scheme here!  She also brought in Black Forest gateaux (made by her own fair hand) which could easily have pushed the day into joy overload.  All that was missing was Hugh Jackman and a bottle of champagne.  I would have probably have spoilt it all by spontaneously combusting.

Not everyone had such a good day.  The lovely Damage Gang had more bad luck.  I am celebrating the fact that B&J returned home, shaken but not stirred.



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8 responses to “Mad Dogs and English Gals

  1. The place looks fantastic! Makes all the Winter effort worthwhile for a day like today!

    • Thank you Hugh, I realise I usually take photos of individual plants or the sea, I will try and take more of the actual garden. They never seem to turn out quite as well as I would like, must practice my technique, actually that is probably the problem “no technique”!

  2. Michelle - Germany

    Lovely post Gill, the garden looks super! 🙂 So sad to hear about B & J….what has happened? I notice that Damage is very booked up this season….not many weeks left to choose now!

  3. Glorious picture. So pleased you had a happy day. Makes it all worthwhile 🙂

  4. You made ,y day Gill! Nice to know others have such lovely days too. The Black Forest Cake is not too bad either.

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