Now That’s What I Call A Cistus!

CistusThis is a nameless cistus, actually it may not even be a cistus it may be a haliminiocistus or even a halimium.  I am definitely not (as you can probably tell) an expert in this field but all I know is that it is very happy where it is and it is flowering to the extreme.  It is labelled somewhere in there.  I’m not going in!

It has been perfect cistus (and its all its relatives as listed previously) weather.  We are still transplanting from the greenhouse to the cold frames to the garden; hoping that the stock to be planted out equals, or at worst slightly exceeds, the space available.  If I was a more efficient gardener I would have a graph or spreadsheet or at very least some scribblings in a notebook; naturally I strive towards this nirvana but until this unlikely event occurs I will rely on gut feeling or as some might say “wing it”.  So far this method has been surprising successful but I suppose one day it will bite me on the bottom.  Perhaps it will be this year, I will wear extra padding just in case.



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5 responses to “Now That’s What I Call A Cistus!

  1. I like this new “Now that’s what I call a…” series!

  2. There is no place for spreadsheets in gardening. The day that happens I am hanging up my wellies as it will just be like going into work!

  3. And there was me thinking Cistus was a rather uncomfortable infection. This looks much more acceptable.

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