Now That’s What I Call Worth Getting Up For

Whether it is for this:

June6 Canon 005 (1024x683)or for this:

May30 002 (1024x769)

work is not a chore at this time of year.  The early mornings are the best time, everything seems a little more wild, a little more feral.  A time before most of us disruptive humanfolk have intruded onto the natural world.  Before the walkers have set on their way, click clicking up the hill, or the tourers religiously following their Sat Nav descend down the “scary route” from Woolacombe, guided by a sadistic software programmer, faces frozen in fear as they emerge.  The birds are hungry for their breakfast, plants are fresh from the cool night, revived by the dew.  All is calm and so usually am I.

This lasts at the most an hour; it is time for sorting and planning, ordering my mind and maybe a little potting shed disco.  Gradually the pace quickens and I am ready to dive headlong into the day ahead. It has been a full-on week; we have been very busy watering, planting out, watering, weeding, watering, potting on and yes even more bloomin’ watering.  I am not complaining about the wonderful unremitting sunshine, it just takes a little adjusting to, especially as my webbed feet were evolving quite nicely.



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9 responses to “Now That’s What I Call Worth Getting Up For

  1. Lucky, lucky you! I was poorly this week so have a lot of catching up to do in the garden this weekend. Can’t wait.

  2. Great pictures. The latest instalment of ‘now that’s what I call’ has me laughing at your descriptions!!

    This blog should come with a health warning – readers are likely to startle others due to spontaneous bursts of laughter! :oD

  3. sue turner


  4. Bruggies

    Everyday I look forward to popping in to see what you (and all around you)are up to at Cliffe and you never disappoint.

    Lovely pic of the bay and taken at high tide ,was it not?

    That agave is stunning

  5. A visual treat as usual! And a lovely start to my week.

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