Oooh Matron!

Sweet RocketThis lilac lovely is Hesperis matronalis, commonly known as Sweet Rocket and occasionally the evocative Mother of the Evening, referring to its twilight scent.  Conversely in the USA is it sometimes known as Noxious Pest, having naturalised itself in areas to the detriment of local wildlife; this is not quite as romantic.   The balls of four petalled flowers come in a range of white, pinks, lavenders and purples.  The young leaves can be eaten and are best picked young when the plant is in flower, although slightly bitter to the taste they are high in Vitamin C.  A mediterranean native it is loved by the bees and butterflies.

Hero came across a pair of deer in the garden this morning and savoured the moment until they caught her scent and retreated back into the woods.  I expect they will be back tonight, in return savouring more our of plants!



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4 responses to “Oooh Matron!

  1. Hi Gill
    It may be loved by bees and butterflies but is adored by moths which is why it is more scented in the evening. The mauve/lilac variety is more scented than the white form but they all smell wonderful.

  2. Brilliant title to your post! I have never tried eating the leaves; I think our flowering plants leaves are all a bit old and tough now but I shall try some young ones next time. Are they best eaten raw or do they need to be steamed?

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