Lamium maculatum “Beacon Silver”


LamiumWe planted this Lamium maculatum “Beacon Silver” below a large berberis.  It was a tricky place; where few would choose to venture and fewer ventured to weed.  Here it thrived in the dry shade providing an ever-silver ground cover.  During the winter we dug out the berberis (prickly plants take note) exposing this creeping deadnettle to the elements.  Here it thrives in full sun still doing the job of weed suppressant, throwing up these glorious crowns of purple majesty.  Occasionally it is nice to be on the winning side.



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2 responses to “Lamium maculatum “Beacon Silver”

  1. jan barwick

    This looks lovely. Tell me it doesn’t have the same tendencies as the dreaded ‘Suburban Strangler’ which I once spent year trying to eradicate.

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