Quaint and Queer

Quaint and Queer This is Sisyrinchium “Quaint and Queer”.  Is is wrong to buy a plant because of its name?  A little risky perhaps; I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as a way to plan your garden. In this case it worked out well, the grey/purple white splotched flowers with their yellow eyes were worth the trepidation.



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4 responses to “Quaint and Queer

  1. “Quaint and Queer”: I can definitely see the temptation to buy a plant based on that name. I have a friend who brought Sisyrinchium seeds from her garden in Scotland when she moved here. Now, they are growing in her Victoria garden quite happily. I think they are yellow. though.

  2. I don’t randomly buy plants because of their names but I will choose new varieties of plants already growing successfully in the garden because they have the same name as a family member or pet for instance. This did not work well with Campanula Takesimana Elizabeth which was ferociously nibbled on when the original plant was left alone.

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