A Lovely Day

June19 001 (1024x768)A lovely day.

A day when the wonderful watercolourist and her patient husband arrived at the garden, as dependable as the House Martins and just as welcome.

A day when a fledgling blue tit, who hadn’t yet learnt about the solidity of windows, needed rescuing from the potting shed.  I caught it in a towel, untangled it from a web (the spider was a little shocked after rushing out to find such a large captor in his net) and released it a little wiser but in full health.

A day to share the next six strawberries with friends.

A day to pick sweet peas and the first cucumbers.

A day that battling the sticky weed didn’t seem so bad.

A day when the green woodpecker and thrush were bold and beautiful.

A day when I understood why the ants wanted to spray formic acid at me.

A day when the ill-advised folk staying at The Mill on the Bay didn’t start playing their Acid House at full tempo until at least 3.00pm.

All in all it was a lovely day.



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4 responses to “A Lovely Day

  1. Malvern Maid

    Love that kind of day. Sigh!

  2. Divna

    So poetic….you have a way with words…prob good schooling…..(!)…apart from that….plant wise….are we lacking sun etc?

    • Good schooling? um…… well it probably developed the personality! We could do with a bit more sun, but everything is growing well and so will the weeds after todays downpours. Do you have a garden? Shall I bring plants?

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