Another Lovely Day

 Little Ash 054 (1024x684)

Myself and Hero had a day trip to the The Farmer’s Wife’s garden today at Little Ash; yes we bravely ventured forth into the wilds of East Devon disregarding all those tales whispered in the ale houses of the North about hairy feet and high foreheads.  It was beyond expectations.  An education in rare plants, exceptional planting, great company including a guest appearance from the incorrigible Batty, artisan bread and cheese for lunch and a whole lemon drizzle cake for the in between.  Generous plant donations and a trip to Sampford Shrubs on the way (it would have been rude not to) meant that my car was transported into a terrarium for the journey back.  I am becoming a little concerned that I am using up all my quota of “lovely days” in one go.



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3 responses to “Another Lovely Day

  1. I don’t really think there’s a limit on lovely days. Enjoy them wherever and whenever you find them. That is a beautiful photo: Meconopsis betonicifolia and–oh, what is its companion? It’s on the tip of my tongue. A beautiful combination, anyway.

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