Primula vialii – The Orchid Primrose

Primula vialiiEvery year this little beauty keeps us guessing.  “Will I or wont I bother to come back?”  Well I am very glad to report that another year has passed and this stunning little primula is still gracing our Strip Bed.  To be fair it is considered a short lived perennial but in the past, unlike this specimen, other have taken “short lived” to the extreme.   A native of mountainous regions of China where it grows in damp meadows and sparce woodland, it is happiest in moist semi-shade.  The two tone rocket-like flowers remind me of 1970’s ice lollies.  To be honest I don’t need much excuse to think about 1970’s ice lollies.



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6 responses to “Primula vialii – The Orchid Primrose

  1. I just came in for a tea-break and spotted this on screen; I am very envious as all my attempts to convince viallii that it is not actually an annual have failed miserably. Were your “less perennial” specimens in the same bed or have you now found the perfect site?

  2. I have never managed to get these super plants to flower beyond their first year. Probably something to do with their dropping dead not long after they bloom. Planted in a shady bog garden they ought to be happy. Any ideas?
    Alan – soon to be EX34mush!

    • Maybe too wet. Ours are planted on the strip bed which is well drainedish (as much as Cliffe can be) and in part shade. When is the big move planned?

      • Will have to try again at Brookdale, although that is damper than the bog garden here. Move progressing slowly but surely. Probably late July, early August, but nothing definite yet.

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