Golden Gala


wachendorfiaAfter a slow start the Wachendorfia thyrsiflora is now coming into its own, flowering as well as I have ever seen it.  There were a couple of forerunner blooms several weeks ago, with no sign of any more flower spikes in waiting.  I was beginning to wonder if we should have divided the now dense clump over the winter; this is not a job for the faint hearted so was included on the “only to be done in case of emergency” list.  Amongst the spikes you can just spy the rogersia seedling named Yvonne (donated by the Rogersia Queen naturally).  She is doing very well.  Unfortunately seedling Gill is being squashed by a euphorbia; she is not beyond help, remedial work planned for tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Golden Gala

  1. “Wachendorfia”. That’s really fun to say. It’s a cheerful colour, too.

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