I have decided on a change of direction.  Plants are so “last year” and all that horrid mucky soil stuff, well we could certainly do without that.  So welcome to the first Cliffe food blog.

For lunch in the potting shed today we had crumpets topped with Port Salut and smoked salmon, served with an assortment of baby leaves.

Cream TeaAnd for High Tea we had scones topped with clotted cream, strawberry jam, adorned with a fresh strawberry (I love Damage).  The thumb was not included.



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6 responses to “Feast

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Blimey………..save some for October!! That is lunching and tea-ing in style!! I mean, not an egg sarnie or cheese and ham roll……No,…..Port Salut and smoked salmon!! Oooooooooh! That is Living Well, and I say YAY! (Glass of white with the crumpets maybe, or something sparkling? Just a suggestion) 🙂 Looking forward to more Food Blogs!

  2. mum

    I thought you were in training for the half marathon? Mind you the food does look irrisistable!!!!!!

  3. Loving the change in direction. Can one book a table in your potting shed? At this rate there will be waiting list!

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