Funny Old Day

Bendy FoxgloveToday was a funny old day.  A fair to middling kind of day.

We were expecting a good amount of rain and although we only got heavy mizzle the anticipation lingered throughout.  Actually a serious downpour would have been appreciated, the soil didn’t even pretend to be damp and our “newly planteds” will need a water sooner rather than later.

The bees coming in and out of the Pastel Border wall now appear to be wasps (I didn’t have my specs on).  Although I’m not sure it should, this changes my view on the discovery.  I suppose I have fallen victim to the “bees are furry and good-natured”, “wasps are slick and bad-tempered” school of thought.  I will try to suppress my prejudices; they seemed quite subdued even when we stood quite close, they may be a new strain of laid back hippy wasps.

After a busy day in the garden yesterday it was very quiet today, in fact only two people visited.  They were very appreciative and said all the right things which made me happy.  Better two good people than a bus load of weed spotters.

After consulting Joy Larkcom I harvested the garlic, which although not as good as last year was not bad.

I dug out the huge clump of grass in the Devon Border that has been haunting me for the past week, not an easy job as it was in amongst the roots of a white agapanthus but not as tricky as warranted my reluctance to undertake this chore.

I weeded and weeded some more.

Some of the fuchsia have become distorted and buckled at the tips.  This is a worry as Fuchsia Gall Mite is an increasing problem in the UK.  We have a lot of fuchsias in the garden so all available fingers and toes are crossed in the hope that it is Capsid Bug.  After posting a rather gory photo I have had a fantastic reponse and great advice from all the clever people on-line; great to have support in this sometimes lonely profession.

This is a funny old foxglove.  In my capacity as garden psychotherapist I would say it has had some trauma in its life, and although scarred by this experience will go on to live a normal foxglove life.



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2 responses to “Funny Old Day

  1. A “new strain of laid back hippy wasps”. Ha, ha. They don’t bother me as long as they’re not up close and personal. My daughter was stung when she was about one year old and had a terrifying allergic reaction. Had to be driven speedily to the emergency ward, with the car losing a hubcap on the way. Now she’s all grown up and spends considerable amounts of time watching bees in her garden.

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