Funny Old Day – The Sequel

Solanum leafThere must be something in the air this week.   What with a plant-squashing Bosswoman, hiking killer cats, a visit from a puffed out cycling TT, 13 rolls of loft insulation, a double kayak (with space for sandwiches), a limping Josh, a prostrate painting Bossman (photo being witheld until appropriate blackmail opportunity), and a new grey car that is blue; my day had many similarities to a Salvadore Dali painting.  A word I seldom use to describe my job is “boring”.  This is, on the whole, a very good thing.

This leaf of Solanum laciniatum, the Kangeroo Apple, was smiling menancingly at me this morning.  Is it time to seek professional help?



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6 responses to “Funny Old Day – The Sequel

  1. Looks better than mine which all have moth damage. Don’t like to spray, but had to give in. Off now to spread more muck in the garden before it gets completely dark!

  2. Michelle - Germany

    woah!! Yeah…that leaf is scary!! 😉 Like a green mask, smiling – but not all it seems!………. it could be used to frighten those Killer Cats methinks….?? Now tell us about the loft insulation…. for the potting shed? To protect the plants from more squashing attacks? Or from deer? For round the strawberries in place of straw?

    • All very good uses for loft insulation. This loft insulation is to be used as loft insulation (I was helping Betsy Bee unload it from ace reversing Jewson lorry and get it into the loft as Ju was out on a special mission).

  3. it looks like something for the “green” wing of the kkk

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