Another warm and sunny, and therefore wonderful, day in the garden.  Bees of all shapes and sizes were buzzing with excitement, ecstatic at the plethora of flowering plants at their disposal.  For the gardeners it was the usual combination of weeding, planting and watering, but chores become a pleasure when the sun shines.

Another first for me; I was asked to identify one of our weeds for a visitor, even being requested to write down its name on front of their NGS booklet (Enchanter’s Nightshade if you must know).  I hope he noticed some of the cultivated members of our garden as well.

Those folk at the Guinness Book of World Record should be summoned forthwith; let them come with their stopwatches, unstretchable tapes and clipboards.  Surely this must be the tallest dandelion in the whole wide world!  Thanks to my lovely assistant for holding the freak up against the potting shed door, which unfortunately has emphasised the need for decoration.



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4 responses to “Monsters

  1. Arty photo. Would not have been the same without the distressing!

  2. Oh my word. That dandelion is truly frightening.

    • It was growing up through the middle of a bronze fennel which was supporting it. I can’t get the root out so I expect it will try again and as the fennel grows the next one may be even bigger. We will see …..

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