DeutziaAt the weekend we were lucky enough to be visited by two salubrious guests.  On Saturday came the “original and best” VNIP, accompanied by his friend the Rogersia Queen.  He came bearing gifts and a gargantuan amount of knowledge. His visit was all too short.

On Sunday we were visited by the County Organiser of the National Garden Scheme who presented Bossman and Bosswoman with an engraved trowel to commemorate Cliffe being open on behalf of the NGS for the past ten years.  I haven’t seen this trowel yet and I am hoping it doesn’t say “to help you get that big dandelion out” on it!

Up until the visit of the aforementioned VNIP I was under the impression that the above Deutzia, flowering its little heart out, was Magicien.  Wrong!  It is apparently named Strawberry Fields; I am such a trusting soul, I will believe anything I am told.  Admittedly this is much easier for me to pronounce, no more embarrassing ‘Allo ‘Allo accent.  Myself and Rogersia Queen are not sure, however, that this is a suitable name, not appearing to us to be either very strawberry-ey or fieldy at all.  So we agreed that we shall declare The Independent State of Lee and rename it something more to our liking.  Only trouble is we can’t think of anything.  That’s the problem with these revolutionaries, all bluster!



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5 responses to “Imposter

  1. Tus

    Purple puff candy!

  2. diversifolius

    Pretty Lady? 🙂

  3. This was the day I delivered a van load of the most portable bits of our Hertfordshire garden to Lee. It will be interesting to see how they survive. Have a feeling the grinding sound I heard was the slugs sharpening their teeth in anticipation of being given free reign of my hosta collection pending our permanent arrival.

  4. VNIP? Google tells me it’s the Vermont Nursing Internment Project, Vermont Nursing in Partnership, and Virtual Network Interactive Protocol. All very confusing as I thought Strawberry Fields was in Liverpool not USA…

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