Hotter Stuff

CosmosAnother lovely day, one that I feel I can accurately describe as “hot” rather than the “warm” of yesterday.  Some skulking in shadows occurred.

We were lucky to have a guest appearance from TT who, after his visit last week, decided we could do with a bit of help in the weed management division.  He was gratefully welcomed into the fold; never one to look a gift trowel in the mouth (or something like that). He did a fine job battling some of the surreptitious and heavy-duty weeds on the edge of the lawn border, managing not to fall off onto the TCB below. It would have been careless to lose him on his first visit.  For all his hard work he was rewarded with three mini cucumbers, one Tomatoberry tomato and some pale blue aquilegia seed.

This cosmos on the lawn beds was being gently buffeted by the wind, it looked like fun.


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