Missing Wildlife, Imaginary Adders and Daleks

Abelia floribundaNoticeable by their absence this week are the horseflies that have recently tormented us (good news) and the blackbirds and thrushes (good for the snail population, bad for the gardeners).  I am guessing that now the young have fledged the birds have migrated north, we will miss them.  I don’t care where the vicious horseflies are, I am just pleased that they have moved on.

Hero had a run-in with an adder today.  It turned out to be her inflatable kneeler deflating.  It was touch and go for a minute.

Due to the mountainous terrain of Cliffe garden we try to have “necessary facilities” on each level.  This unfortunately this does not run to jacuzzis and ice cream parlours but composting areas and access to water.  Since we have cultivated the greenhouse borders there is a hole in this otherwise perfect arrangement, waste has to be shifted through the greenhouse and carried to the veggie plot bins.  Today this had been remedied and the black plastic freebie from the council (otherwise known as the dalek) has been installed which will make life a lot easier.  Unless of course it turns out to be a real dalek, then it could get a little tricky, luckily Hero is in possession of a sonic trowel.

This is Abelia floribunda and by golly does it flori bund!  This very young plant is festooned with flowers, jostling each other to show off their decadent pendulous cerise blooms.  Earlier in the year it was severely pruned by Bambi but has recovered well, as I am sure you will agree.



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4 responses to “Missing Wildlife, Imaginary Adders and Daleks

  1. Helen Brown

    This is the blog to send! Can just imagine that adder moment!

  2. Bruggies

    The latest blog is always the best.

  3. Probably a good thing you don’t have jacuzzis and ice cream parlours: the visitors would never want to leave.

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