Weeding and Watering

Catanache AlbaFor the past week or so our days have been spent either weeding or watering.  Mainly watering actually, which to us North Devon folk is a new, and rapidly becoming tedious, occupation.  It presents a whole new Moral Maze – who deserves the precious water, who can do without, can I do another trip with the watering can to the far reaches of the garden in the incessant heat on a Friday, perhaps I should just pour the water onto my pasty feet.

This Catanche caerulea “Alba” or the White Cupid’s Dart was relishing the heat today.  It is unashamedly not wholly white, but it is the contrast of the deep purple heart with the pure fluted petals that makes this wil o’ the wisp a flower to hanker after.



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3 responses to “Weeding and Watering

  1. Very nice photo. The Catananche is lovely, and the white California poppies are a good companion to them. I’ve just bought more seeds so I’ll have these poppies in my new garden.

    • Thank you, it is a lovely plant, we lost some of the blue ones last winter, too wet I expect. How is your new garden coming along? We are in the middle of a heat wave (for us anyway!) is your weather good at the moment?

      • Our weather is glorious: not too hot, not too cool. I’m still waiting to get acquainted with my new garden. Our move is scheduled for July 23rd: not much longer!

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