Fragrant Cloud

Fragrant Cloud
After a blistering weekend, today began in a far more delicate manner with sea mist until lunch time.  By that time that bully boy Mr Sun had mustered enough energy to chase that upstart mist back from whence it came.

After the recent mass cull of his compadres this Rosa Fragrant Cloud is blooming well.  It is either out of fear, having heard the death knoll, or it is actually far happier with its new buddies in a mixed environment.  I am counting on the latter, “you pays your money you takes your choice”, as they say in some imaginary English town.  My point is, when a rose is good, it is darned good!



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8 responses to “Fragrant Cloud

  1. Bossman

    So now we know………………………. Bambi reads the blog!

  2. I quite agree ,I moved Rosa Edith Holden last year from a very sunny spot to a slightly shady area.She has flowered her socks off this last few weeks…

  3. Have been given a lovely Silver Shadow rose as a leaving pressie bought at Hampton Court. Now to decide where to plant it – roses do not generally do well at Brookdale, but that might be down to us. After all the Old Postmaster does a good job with his.

  4. Agreed. I recall Fragrant Cloud being an ugly plant with divinely scented flowers. I guess you can’t have it all!

  5. Charlie Malarkey

    Hi! Can I use your photo in an article I’m writing on Fragrant Cloud in our local rose society newsletter? I will give you appropriate credit.

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