What Happened Next Revisited

TomatoOne of the joys of lunch in the summer is traipsing the full 3m to the greenhouse, chosing a few sun warmed tomatoes, perhaps a mini cucumber, maybe even some salad leaves and making a Cliffe salad to accompany my spam sandwich.  The tomatoes are doing well, loving this warm weather, with a few ripening daily in a very sensible manner, just keeping up with the pixies who eat them as they pass by.  It struck me today that maybe as the Village Show is next week (deep breaths) we should not eat all the exhibits, this reluctance lasted at least 10 seconds by which time I had I convinced myself there will be plenty ripening over the next few days and tucked in again.  The salad leaves are also holding up gallantly to the heat and molluscs.  The cucumbers however have gone into over drive.  I pick them, turn my back and another couple have appeared.  I think this year we have inadvertently grown magic cucumbers; this is probably a good thing, but time will tell.



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2 responses to “What Happened Next Revisited

  1. Magic cucumbers: how delightful.

  2. Michelle - Germany

    I can smell and taste that tomato! 🙂 X

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