Blood, Sweat and Shears – The First Steps

Dec31 Woolacombe 002 (1024x768)I have decided to do an ocassional post about running.  It probably sounds a little “off piste” subject for a gardening blog but please bear with me and I will explain all.  On 6th October 2013 I will be (fingers crossed) competing in the Cardiff Half Marathon.  I will be running for various reasons, some of which may become apparent over the next few weeks.  Perhaps the most important reason is to raise money for the charity Perennial –  This charity looks after all us lovely folk in the horticultural industry, giving advice and financial assistance where needed.  They do a sterling job helping in many ways, including supporting bereaved families and offering help with housing.   And they are very nice people.  I know we are living in tough times, but if you can manage to sponsor me, it would be much appreciated.  If you can’t perhaps this story will make you smile.

When I was nineteen I moved to Bristol and it took a while to get sorted financially.  I was walked down the road one day reading a letter from my mum when a tramp (a real one with magnificent dreadlocks) approached me and asked for some money.  The innocent country gal, still wet behind the ears, looked up at him and said “but I have nothing”.  At this he gave me a massive embrace and said “bless you” before continuing on his way.  So bless you all whether you can help or not!

Many of you out there don’t know me personally, however a few of you do, so there is no point in pretending I am Paula Radcliffe’s body double, someone is bound to welsh on me.  The truth is that I am a plodder who usually gets there in the end, if necessary through old age and cunning.  I have run four half marathons during this time, two in my thirties, two in my forties and so it was natural to want to do two in my fifties.  I am trying hard not to think about my sixties, maybe I haven’t peaked yet.

This is Woolacombe beach where I run sometimes.  When I have the energy to raise my head I marvel at the special view. This photo was taken on New Year’s eve, today I am sure it is looking a little different!

Special thanks to Mr Damage who lent me the title of this blog.



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7 responses to “Blood, Sweat and Shears – The First Steps

  1. Bruggies

    You ‘re not running in gold boots are you?No,thought not.That would be asking a little too much ,though you are very resourceful
    We wish you all the best
    We will sponsor you but how we do that from here I’not sureI’sure there is a way

  2. Good luck Paula! My good wishes run with you.

  3. Hello Gill! Found you on twitter via Perennial….I have just started selling plants outside my gate for them. Very good luck with the run. I would love to come and visit the garden one day, sounds like you’ve got a bit of a project! I’m in Cornwall so not too far away.

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