Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink

Lawn BedAt 4am this morning I peered hopefully out of the bedroom window, looking for some sign that the forecast rain had arrived in the night.  Nothing, not even a dribble, it seems that the storms had deposited their loads elsewhere and from what I can gather they would have had plenty to share.  So I once again resigned myself to a busy day, the priority of which was watering and tending to parched plants.  My arms baulked at the prospect of yet again transporting slopping watering cans up and down our steep garden, my heart sighed at having to choose which of my dependents most deserved the extra attention.

The traumas of these lonely hours are rarely as harsh when the sun has risen.  The garden is doing surprisingly well; although flowers are going over very quickly there seem to be plenty of new blooms waiting in the wings.  There are a few plants looking a little worse for wear, the foliage dull and listless, but these soon perk up when the sun has moved on or they have had a good water.  It has also been an education as to which plants are the most sensitive and which tough guys have not even turned a leaf.  Lobelia x speciosa is a definite drooper, Cosmos sanguineum a trooper!

The sea was full of happy holidaymakers today, enjoying the almost warm water and hopefully dodging the jellyfish that are also visiting our shores.



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5 responses to “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink

  1. It’s fascinating how plants behave in the sun. A bit like us humans I suppose – some love it, some don’t! Frankly, even with a good watering I am drooping in this heat. Last night in London we had 3 huge storms, 2 with rain, one with hail. Our pond was overflowing when I got up this morning and the terrace was covered in gunk that had been blasted out of the joints between the slabs. Amazing. Will send the clouds your way 😉

  2. I totally understand. It takes ages! Love the Echinacea. I’ve got a green roof experiment going on which has been incredibly susceptible to frazzling. Rain definitely on the way… 🙂

  3. Bruggies

    Are those lovely, vibrant blue flowers corn flowers?

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