Eucryphia lucida “Ballerina”

Eucryphia Ballerina (1024x683)The day has been spent preparing for tomorrow’s Village Show.  Although we are only entering a modest 20 or so flowers, pot plants and vegetables there was still plenty of preening and picking to be done.  Every year I am disappointed by my own double standards.  In principle I object to gardening as a competitive sport and think spending hours matching tomatoes or finding the perfect dahlia (accordingly to a list of bizarre rules and regulations which seem to exist only in the heads of the judges) a waste of time and energy.  However when I get the scent of the show my baser instincts kick in and I am polishing potatoes with the best of them.  After tomorrow I will hopefully return to my former, more noble, self.

Our Eucryphia lucida “Ballerina” is barely out of nappies but is flowering well this year.  Her gargantuan cousin in the bottom garden, Eucryphia nymansensis, seems a little more reticent.  Maybe this drop of rain will inspire him to bloom.



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3 responses to “Eucryphia lucida “Ballerina”

  1. Bruggies

    Is there a category eucryphia lucida?I’m sure you would win hands down.
    I just don’t how you find the time but am very pleased you do.
    Good luck with polished potatoes

  2. ‘Modest’ 20 or so! Looking forward to perhaps having a go next year. Is there a class for lawn daisies?

  3. Haha ‘baser instincts’ that’s funny 🙂

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