The Team Done Good!

Geranium Double (1024x684)Those who have been waiting for the Lee Village Flower Show results, your torture is over!  Team Cliffe did very well with first prizes for sweet peas, dahlias, calendula, geraniums and red currants.  You will be pleased to know we are still unbeaten in garlic competition (although admittedly no-one has yet been brave enough to challenge us).  Overall on points we came second, this was all without bribing or harassing any judges or sabotaging any other competitors entries, doubly impressive.  We are very proud, special thanks to Damage who are the bestest support team in the whole wide world.



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2 responses to “The Team Done Good!

  1. Well done. Sounds fun. Will you give the oxygen of publicity to the overall winner? They must be pretty good to give you a run for your money!

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