Badgers and Butterflies

Fritillary on Inula (1024x768)Overnight a badger (allegedly, CSI are still running DNA through their computer) stumbled upon a wasp nest in the wall of the accursed Fragrant Cloud Bed, digging a large hole and partly demolishing it.   Grumpy wasps are not high on my list of enchanting wildlife but they spent the day innocuously flitting about, busy in their remedial works.  It was hard to say whether they have decided that the neighbourhood was a tad too rough for their liking and have moved elsewhere, or are defiantly rebuilding their des res.

The day was also full of butterflies, a relief after a notable absence.  Most especially, fritillary seemed to be everywhere.  I did wonder if it was same one following me around but later, whilst discussing the intricacies of soft fruit collection with Bosswoman, we watched a pair with romance on their mind dance across the garden.



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9 responses to “Badgers and Butterflies

  1. The badgers dug up 3 bees nests near our garden this spring; pawprints and dna thoughtfully left at the scenes. Lovely butterfly photo; we have plenty round here.

  2. Michelle - Germany

    Seems to be a good butterfly year, here in Germany too! Wonderful! I am following them around with my camera…they are leading me a
    merry dance. 😉

  3. This is an awesome photo: honestly, I think you could win prizes with this one.

  4. Betsy Hosegood

    Gosh, brilliant photo. I am so jealous. I should have come over…

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