The Curious Incident of the Cat on the Sofa

SqueakyA curious day.  It started with a headless pigeon.  In between a cornflakes box.  It ended with a cat eviction.

First the poor wood-pigeon.  I found it on the road just below the gate to the house, I noticed feathers lining both sides of the road on my way up the hill and feared the worse.  It was given one of my best shovel funerals, lofted off the cliff with a few choice words.  My guess is that the perpetrator was a peregrine who was disturbed and forced to leave his prey, hopefully he will find the corpse on the cliff edge and the death was not wasted.

Secondly the cornflake box.  That is the extent of the story.  Family sized cornflake box (empty) left on wall by the house.  Bizarre.

Lastly the cat.  Today I met Holiday Cat (Holly)’s mum and have learnt some of her secrets.  Most importantly (I would imagine) she is a he and called Squeaky.  The owners wondered where he went all day and now know.  At tea break he sat between myself and Hero on the sofa, much to Hero’s chagrin.  After lunch, when the irritating gardeners had returned to work, he truly ensconced himself for the afternoon (as only a cat can) until that wicked woman lifted him, like a rag doll, and gently placed him outside.


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