Just Peachy

Peach 2 (1024x684)The peaches and nectarines were a disappointment last year, only a meagre few after our bumper year before.  That’s what you get for gloating. This year there are noticeably more and over the last few weeks I have been watching them swell and colour in the warmth of our spectacular summer.  Latterly, in my eagerness, I have been daily gently pressing close to the stalk of the fruit to check for ripeness, the result always “hard as nails” although the fruit looking as rosy as my cheeks after I’ve climbed the hill.  Today I found a windfall on the greenhouse floor and after I wiped the mud off I presented it proudly to Bosswoman.  Together we bravely tested the jettisoned fruit and although a little tart it was nothing that (and I quote Bosswoman) “a little sugar and a little Marsala couldn’t sort”.  Sounds good to me!



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7 responses to “Just Peachy

  1. Funny, I made chicken with figs, Marsala, sugar and butter for yesterday’s dinner. New recipe, and pretty good. The figs are ripening on the trees and I was taken by surprise, never having had a fig tree before. The raccoons are partying in the trees at night, leaving half eaten figs behind.

  2. Hello, thinking of coming for a visit week beginning 12th August, is that possible? If so, when’s a good day? Thanks!

  3. Nicest Dutch person you know

    I am so proud of you all for doing so well in the Lee flower show!
    Chelsea show next?

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