It’s Aggie Time Again Hip Hip Horray!

Agapanthus 1 (1024x683)There has been enough rain today to fill the tanks to overflowing, no doubt there will be some damage as at times it was hard enough to hurt.  Hopefully it will have penetrated deep into the ground ensuring that if we have another spell of warm weather the plants will have a buffer against the drought.  I am ever the optimist.

The agapanthus are just coming into their own, a little later than most years and all the more welcome for it.  We have several varieties, ranging from the deep dark and deciduous A. “Windlebrook” to the white-flowered evergreen A. africanus “Albus”.  On the Mediterranean Bed these have become a mish mash, they have abundantly self-seeded and (I blush) we throw many seedlings away.  Anyone who has dug up established agapanthus will appreciate that for an easy life it is best to remove or relocate before the fleshy roots make themselves at home.   Left too long they will hold onto the ground for dear life and a spade and brute force is the only option.  The less stress version is to get them early.  Old age and cunning.



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11 responses to “It’s Aggie Time Again Hip Hip Horray!

  1. Jenny Womersley

    Hi Gill,

    Your Aggies look amazing!! You are way ahead of us in Georgeham.

    I don’t know if you remember me, I brought you a plant of Fuchsia Arborescens once and run a B&B in Georgeham.

    Would you be willing to come and talk to Georgeham & Croyde Flower & Veg society one month next year?

    I am the secretary and we are trying to sort next years calendar. We usually meet on the second or third Thursday evening of the month in Georgeham village hall.

    Let me know what you think, also what your fee would be and (roughly) which month would be best for you.

    Best wishes,

    Jenny Womersley.


  2. I have two agapanthus (blue) in containers blooming now. I’m planning to plant them in the garden, so your advice about moving them when they are young is very timely. Does the evergreen A. Africanus “Albus” get to be enormous? I saw some large white agapanthus plants for sale in front of the local grocery store the other day. They wanted $35 for them and they wouldn’t have fit into the car, so I passed. Sounds like they might be able to take over a large portion of the garden?

  3. Fabulous aggies..mine too are just at their peek…I have a new one ..well one that has flowered for the first time for me…Windsor Grey…I will post photos soon just need a few more flowers to open…

  4. Aggie’s knickers we call them. Not a lot of luck with them flowering here in Herts. The ones in a big pot (now in Lee) don’t do too badly, but the ones in the border have only flowered once in more than five years.

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