Boronia heterophylla – Kalgan Boronia

BoroniaBoronia heterophylla or the Kalgan Boronia is a member of the Rutaceae family, related to the citrus and choisya.  It is happiest in part shade, in neutral to acid soil which doesn’t dry out and when protected from cold drying winds (well two out of three aint bad).  The evergreen foliage is aromatic and the plant is cultivated in its native Western Australia for the cut flower industry.  This is not surprising as the striking cerise hanging bells are borne in profusion and last well in the vase.  It is unlikely these will be gracing any bouquet, they look far too good where they are.



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2 responses to “Boronia heterophylla – Kalgan Boronia

  1. Cerise! How gratifying it is when you can name a colour so precisely.

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