Return of the Beast

Aug7 034 (683x1024)I was very happy today, enjoying the sunshine, getting jobs done; all was well in the world. Then my eye caught something strange in the herbaceous beds.  A 30cm wide path had been driven through the border, leaving crushed hemerocallis in its wake.  The Geranium psilostemon had been flattened and the Inula hookeri cast aside, scutellaria danced upon, surely only a rampaging hippopotamus could create such havoc.  On further inspection I found that the flowers had been nipped off all the geums, potentillas and a good many of the unsquashed hemerocallis.  The hostas looked like a mob of vengeful molluscs had marched on the garden overnight, intent on rape and pillage.  This could only mean one thing.  Bambi is back and this time means business.

Aug7 037 (1024x683)Above are the sad remains of our hostas and below the “just in their prime” Cuphea viscosissimina.  Can you share my pain?  Do you weep with me?  Well pull yourself together, it will take team work to foil that doe-eyed harridan.

Aug7 033 (1024x683)After an initial “why do I bother let’s all go down the pub” I swung into action with Operation Bambi’s Back.  Josh the Wonder Dog was brought out of his retirement in the Caribbean and put straight onto dusk patrol (after doing a superb and well placed pee just above the scene of the crime this afternoon – once a pro, always a pro).  I rehung the ghost sheets around the garden at hopefully appropriate intervals.  Tomorrow Scary Eric will be hoisted from his reclining position ready to spring into action.  You don’t want to mess with Scary Eric.



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4 responses to “Return of the Beast

  1. Sad to say, this was once a familiar sight to me. May it never be again! I hope your strategies work, and I hope my new garden stays deer-free. One thing that seems to help is having a lot of lavender, santolina and/or catmint in your perennial beds. The essential oils can help repel the wildlife.

  2. I am feeling your pain! Thankfully we don’t get many dear in urban London and Broadstairs, although the seagulls do keep molesting my begonias. (That’s not a sentence you’ll read very often!)

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