Lathyrus canadensisThis everlasting sweet pea is probably Lathyrus filiformis, grown from seed a few years ago, the label long gone, apathy yet again thwarting a positive identification.  It is a contrary sweet pea; its role was to climb the dark-leaved elder displaying its robust white/pink flowers through the purple foliage, but it is having none of that.  This anarchist pea is weaving its way around the Tennis Court Bank, popping its flowers up where ever it may choose, except of course amongst the Sambucus foliage under which it was planted.  I love a bit of anarchy.



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4 responses to “Peas

  1. It’s indeed a rare pleasure when a plant actually obeys orders and does what it’s instructed to. Climbers are the worst for disobedience, although this one’s pretty enough to be forgiven. Looking forward to some rain tonight? I am wondering whether to water or not out here in the Far East. Might not get this far.

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